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Formal NOA Testing

Formal NOA Testing

Formal testing has many parts. Before a test can start, a sample screen is mounted onto a “test buck” that simulates your home. In reality, the test buck is much stronger than a typical home because the screen is mounted onto 12-inch steel tubes that are 1/4″ thick. These tubes can also be made to simulate mounting to poured concrete, wood, and concrete block.

When testing for wind pressure, because our screens allow air to flow through, a plastic film is placed over the screen to form an air barrier so that a vacuum can form to simulate the air pressure. The chamber behind the screen is then either pressurized to form a positive pressure (pushing the screen away from the test buck), or the air pump is reversed to form a vacuum (negative pressure) to test the screen in the opposite (inward) direction.

To test the screen for flying objects, a target is drawn on the screen. The impact test is made at various locations because the screen reacts differently at each location. The following slow-motion video shows part of our certification testing by an independent test laboratory. This part of that test consists of shooting a 9-pound, 2×4 traveling at 50 feet/second at the target shown on the product. If the 2×4 goes through the material, that product fails. Not all screens pass the test, some go right through the screen, we have never failed this test. Atlas Armor screens easily passed and EXCEEDED all the tests and were awarded the Miami-Dade approval for a roll-down and fixed fabric screen. NOA 23-1206.04

Notice of Acceptance (NOA) Label

Atlas Armor is a wholesale manufacturer of the Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen … the ONLY hurricane-rated fabric screen that has been real-world tested since 2012 with ZERO failures and our screens fit ALL of your comfort needs.

We only sell our screens through authorized Atlas Armor dealers. Call us for a dealer near you. Or, if you are a dealer, please give us a call. We are always looking to expand our dealer network.

Our Atlas Armor screens have carried the NOA certifications since 2012. Look for the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) label.

In addition, our certification has been accepted by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)

You will need a local city or county building permit to be issued before our screens can be installed. As part of the inspection process, the appropriate label must be found on each screen in order to pass your screen permit inspection.

Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens can be configured as: a push-button controlled outdoor roll-down, or a permanent fixed panel, or a manual removable panel screen. All versions of our screens have been developed using Twitchell’s OmegaTex fabric, which is a combination of 50% Polyester and 50% Aramid (aka Kevlar).