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Atlas Armor’s 10-YEARS Perfect Protection Record - ZERO Failures

Perfect Protection Record – 10 Years – ZERO Screen Failures
During the last 10-years, we have sold and installed 1,000’s of hurricane screens from Bermuda to Cabo Mexico, throughout the Caribbean Islands and all-around Florida. During those same 10 years, our screens have been real-world-tested by 20 hurricanes and 17 tropical storms which resulted in ZERO screen failures. Meaning that we stayed in our frame (sidetracks, bottom weight bar, top take-up reel) and our seams did not split. We know how to control the hurricane’s wind. We have a PERFECT RECORD of PROTECTING our openings.

Our Manufacturer’s Design Defect (MDD) Protection

We DESIGNED our screens with the absolute BASIC CRITERIA of protecting your home against category 5 hurricane winds. Everything that we do is aimed at accomplishing that design criteria. Unlike ALL other hurricane screen manufactures, our written warranty states if your fabric screen should ever come out of its frame due only to the wind’s force (no physical evidence of an object impact), Atlas Armor will replace that screen at no cost to you. You dealer will only charge for his labor and any shipping fees. For example: after Hurricane IAN, other screen manufacturers charged 1,000’s of dollars per opening to replace blown out screens with other screens that are exactly like the screen that just blew out, PLUS labor and shipping fees. If the insurance company picked up the tab, their insurance rates will go up. Before your buy, just ask your hurricane screen dealer one question: “Who pays to replace the fabric screen if it should blow out of its frame or if the screen’s seam splits?”

TRANSFERABLE Screen Warranty

We are the only hurricane screen manufacturer that is willing to stand behind our product for a FULL 10-YEARS. All other manufacturers only offer the warranty to the original buyer. They do that to relieve the screen’s failure liability as soon as possible. This makes sense for them, but does this make sense to you? We build our hurricane screens to LAST OVER 10 YEARS, so we are not afraid to pass on our warranty to anyone that owns your home during that warranty period. We are not afraid to stand behind our screens.

Quality and Workmanship

We designed a manufacturing process that allows us to custom hand build every hurricane screen with TAILOR-like precision. By making our screens by hand, we get to inspect the product many times during the entire process. We are constantly refining our process for speed and more importantly precision. This results in a product of high quality and workmanship.

Rapid Screen Delivery
4-6 weeks or less

We know that the hurricane season is only weeks away. We know that you want your home to be protected as soon as possible. We also know that you want the VERY BEST protection available. And we know that time is going against you. As a result of our manufacturing process, we are able to deliver a high QUALITY and EFFECTIVE, Real-World-Tested hurricane screen to you within days, not months so that you can be protected against the nearing seasonal hurricanes.

Hurricane Protection and Year Round Push Button Comfort


Atlas Armor hurricane screens are made of fabric, and your imagination only limits their benefits. Instead of building a patio with a wood privacy fence, consider using our roll-down screen that offers you a degree of privacy while still enjoying your surroundings.


Unlike other fabric screens, Atlas Armor hurricane screens don’t have to hide from the sun, and they can be fully exposed to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays without any damaging effects for the full 10 years.
We warranty it. We will replace your fabric screens if it ever becomes damaged by the sun’s UV rays, atmospheric chemicals, rot, mold, or mildew.
You can quickly judge a product’s components by looking at its warranty. We have a full fabric screen replacement warranty, not one that is pro-rated based on how long ago you bought it​ Our warranty is also transferrable if you should sell your home before the end of the warranty. No other hurricane product offers a transferrable warranty.

NOA 23-1206.04

Atlas Armor hurricane screens are the oldest certified roll-down fabric screen available for the Florida High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Miami-Dade & Broward counties.

Other states, such as Texas, often use Miami-Dade approval as their standard, and insurance companies often insist on products that carry the NOA approval.


Because Atlas Armor ​hurricane screens are warranted for 10 years, WE BUILD OUR SCREENS TO BE USED in a saltwater environment. We use the best materials and components that are currently available.

All metals are powder-coated, our motors are warranted for 4 or 5 years (based upon the type of motor), and our screens are warranted for 10 years. We offer all stainless-steel components for our coastal customers. Our screens are made from heavy extruded aluminum, stainless steel, and polyester/Aramid fabric. Aramid is also known by the trademarked named Kevlar.


Why pay more to have one product for hurricane protection, another for solar protection, and another for insect protection? Think of our Atlas Armor hurricane screens as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the screening world because one screen provides all of your protection and comfort needs in ONE screen. Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens also protect against solar heat, harmful solar UV rays, flying insects including no-see-ums, and everyday wind and rain. Our transparent fabric screens also allow you to enjoy your view, and they let in light and those comfortable light breezes.


Our one-piece heavy-duty tracks, motor idles, and reels are designed for an extended lifetime of heavy usage. Atlas Armor hurricane screens are a blend of Aramid (used to build race cars, airplanes, and military bulletproof vests) and Polyester, which is much stronger than the other typical screen fabrics made of Polypropylene (used for water ski ropes) or Polyurethane (used for trampolines’). Atlas Armor hurricane screens are not affected by the sun’s UV rays like the other screens that dry out, shrink and turn brittle. Again, look at the other screening product’s warranty. Our screens love the sun.

We have two types of screens: roll-down and fixed panels. The roll down screen is remotely controlled, Our patented hurricane fixed panels are manually placed into sidetracks and anchored in place by means of 2 stainless steel pins. No tools required. The tracks for the panels are always mounted on the outside but the fabric can be installed into the tracks while you are either on the outside or on the inside of the home … on any floor level as long as you can reach the sidetrack on each side of the opening


Because Atlas Armor hurricane screens can be used every day instead of just once a year or once in several years, the Kevlar hurricane screens cost divided by the actual usage days makes ownership just a few pennies per day. PLUS, you also get the daily comfort benefits as well. For example, take someone else’s $1,000 hurricane product and divide it by the number of days you use it. If you use it once every 2 years, it will cost you $500 per day for that 2-year time frame. In the case of Atlas Armor hurricane screens​, you would be using them every day for those 2 years, so that it would cost you $1.37 per day. Now, divide the cost of our screen by the number of warranty days to get the actual daily price of $0.27 per day for our screen. Pennies. Now add that, you will need to replace (buy again) the other product when they get damaged, but not ours. See our warranty.


The same fabric screening material used in our Atlas Armor hurricane roll-down screens can also be attached as a removable panel or a permanently fixed screen. It qualifies for federal tax credits when it’s forever covering your opening. Sorry, the roll-down screens (because they are not always covering the opening) do not qualify for the tax credit. You will, however, continue to save on your cooling energy bills whenever our fabric screens are being used.

LIVE - Atlas Armor Customer Service (561) 206 - 0813

There is nothing more frustrating that to have a question or problem and not be able to get in touch with your screen dealer. Our Atlas Armor policy is to help you answer your questions and, if required, assist you in getting in touch with your dealer. If you have a question or problem, please do the following: Call your dealer. If he is busy, please a message stating your question or problem. Be sure to leave a way of contacting you such as your phone number or email. Please have patience and be aware that during hurricane season, all of our dealers are very busy so it may take them a while to get back to you If you have tried several times and still can’t get through to the dealer then … Call our office (561) 206 – 0813) and we can help you if you just have an operational question like how to use your hand-held control. If you need onsite assistance, we will contact your dealer on your behalf to get you problem fixed as soon as possible. Please remember that during hurricane season, all dealers are very busy so, depending on the problem, there may be a delay before your problem can be fixed.