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Exclusive Wind Warranty

What makes a hurricane dangerous?

HIGH WIND makes up 90% of a hurricane and tornadoes, the rest is rain, water, and flying debris driven by those high winds.

High winds cause HIGH AIR PRESSURE which is the real dangerous element in a hurricane. High air pressure causes all of the damage. High air pressure blows down trees and pushes against water to cause a storm surge and flooding, it also breaks garage doors, and windows, takes off roofs, and causes buildings to explode resulting in major repairs, lost property, and lost lives.

Bottom line: A true hurricane protection product must be able to control high wind pressures 100% of the time. If the high wind pressure goes through or around the protective element, that opening is no longer protected, and damage will occur.

Take special notice of the warranty clause “ACTS OF GOD” because it REMOVES all manufacturer’s hurricane liability if WIND is not specifically removed from the definition of that clause.


VERY IMPORTANT – Read Written Warranties Very Carefully

By definition, a hurricane is an example of “Acts of God” just like lightning and earthquakes.


Because all other hurricane fabric screen warranties do not mention wind damage, or exclude wind, they are INCLUDING WIND in their definition of “Acts of God”. That means your screens warranty will be AUTOMATICALLY VOIDED during any type of wind event: daily breeze, tropical storm, hurricane or tornado. You will have to pay for any replacement fabric screens.


The Atlas Armor specifically REMOVES WIND and WIND DAMAGE from the “Acts of God” warranty clause.


Atlas Armor is the ONLY company that will REPAIR or REPLACE your wind damaged fabric screens for FREE


Only Atlas Armor provides both REAL hurricane protection and a REAL hurricane screen damage warranty. All other manufacturers will charge you thousands of dollars to repair or replace your damaged screens after they fail.


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What is the purpose of a warranty

Manufacturers provide warranties for several reasons:
  • Guarantee of Quality: A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer to you that the product will perform as described and is of a certain quality. 
  • Customer Trust and Confidence: Warranties are used to build customer trust and confidence in the product and the manufacturer. 
  • Protection Against Product Defects and Failures: Warranties offer protection for the manufacturer against his product defects, performance issues, and unexpected failures. Warranties are also used by the manufacturer to specify how he can void the warranty agreement. A 3-word phrase that is always used is "Acts of God" in a every hurricane warranty to void the warranty. Acts of God refers to ANYTHING provided by nature, such as Lightning, earthquakes, hail, high winds and all resulting effects of high wind pressure.
  • Legal Obligation: Manufacturer warranty law (governed by the UCC), the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and the FTC rules, covers retailers’ express or implied guarantees of a product’s quality and/or reliability. Once a merchant offers a written warranty, they are required to follow those provisions. 

Remember the manufacturer KNOWS EVERYTHING about the tested limits of their product, and they use that knowledge when they write their warranties. They will actually tell you their product’s limits, and what you can expect from the installed product, but they don’t tell you in a direct fashion. They will seldom come right out and tell you their limits in writing, but they always tell you their limits by what they leave out. If you know how to read a warranty, you can save thousands of dollars later by making the right choice before you buy. Keep in mind that you are buying a hurricane protection product. Being a hurricane protection product, your screen should have been designed to be able to protect you from high winds and resulting high wind air pressures. The product should also protect from object impacts. In our view, if the hurricane screen fails due to high winds and high wind air pressures, we considered that to be a manufacturer design defect, and the manufacture should replace the wind-damaged screens for free. Do you agree?

  • They won't warrant that their screens will last 10 years if they only expect them to last a maximum 5 years.  So, they just told you how long they believe their screens will actually last. 
  • They will not provide a FREE screen replacement for wind damage screens if they already know that their screens tend to blow out of their tracks, or their seams will split during any type of wind. So, they just told you that they believe their screens will fail in high winds.
  • They will not indicate that their screens can always be used in full sun light (without damage) if they know their screens will be damaged by sun light (UV) over the length of the warranty. So, they just told you that they believe their screens will be damaged by sun light at some point during the length of their warranty.

Competitive Screen coming out of tracks at 30 mph

Our Screen at 220 mph

EXAMPLES – Real World Hurricane Wind Damage

Compare Written Hurricane Screen Warranties Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens All Other Hurricane Screens
Product sold for protection against hurricane damage YES, Written warranty includes hurricane wind damage YES, However, written warranty does NOT include wind damage
10 Full-Years of effective Hurricane Protection YES, proven by 10 years of Real-World protection against major storms. ZERO damage Maybe, only if original owner lives there for 10 years. Warranty stops when original owner leaves or dies.
Warranty transferable to new owner YES, Warranty stays with the screen. Atlas Armor is only company to provide 10 full years of hurricane warranty coverage NO, warranty is only good for original owner
Is WIND DAMAGE covered by your warranty YES, Atlas Armor covers all wind damage to fabric. This is EXCLUSIVE to Atlas Armor NO, fabric wind damage is NOT covered by warranty. It is part of the Acts of God clause used to VOID the warranty
Is WIND damage EXCLUDED from the "ACTS OF GOD" clause to void your warranty YES, Wind Damage is covered by the Atlas Armor written FREE replacement or repair warranty NO. Wind damage, is part of "Acts of God" clause, and will void your hurricane warranty
Will the manufacturer charge you again to replace a fabric panel (under warranty) that was wind damaged NO, Atlas Armor will replace or repair any wind damaged fabric panel for FREE YES, all other manufacturers will charge you again to replace or repair a wind damaged panel
Free Screen Replacement if Screen is blown out of tracks YES, covered by Atlas Armor's written wind damage FREE replacement or repair warranty NO. You must buy a NEW fabric screen panel at the current prices
Free Screen Replacement if Screen is blown out of bottom weight bar YES, covered by Atlas Armor's written wind damage FREE replacement or repair warranty NO. You must buy a NEW fabric screen panel at the current prices
Free Screen Replacement if Screen is blown out of top take up reel YES, covered by Atlas Armor's written wind damage FREE replacement or repair warranty NO. You must buy a NEW fabric screen panel at the current prices
Free Screen Replacement if Screen seam splits YES, covered by Atlas Armor's written wind damage FREE replacement or repair warranty NO. You must buy a NEW fabric screen panel at the current prices
Free Screen Replacement if damaged by UV, Mold, Mildew, Rot, air pollution YES, covered by Atlas Armor's written 24/7 fabric damage warranty NO
ZERO storm protection failures during last 10 years YES, only at Atlas Armor can make this statement NO
Miami- Dade NOA and TDI Certification YES, NOA and TDI certifications NO. Most have FBC a few have NOA
Hurricane Screens made from one single piece of fabric using 100% of OmegaTex fabric strength YES, all screens are made from single piece of fabric if 10' high NO, ALL other screens are made in 4 or 5 separate pieces, using Keders or straps to hold screens to frame.
Omega Tex screen made in USA by Twitchell using 50% Aramid (aka Kevlar) and 50% Polyester YES NO, some are, some are not and some claim to be, but fabric is really made in China
Designed for saltwater, tropical environment YES Varies by manufacturer
Designed for comfort use 24/7 for full 10 years YES Varies by manufacturer
American Made YES Varies by manufacturer
Fast Delivery YES Varies by manufacturer
High Value YES, you only need to buy our fabric screens once, use it every day for 10 years in full sunlight Varies by manufacturer. You must buy wind-damaged replacement fabric panels
High Quality YES, all components designed to last more than 10 years Varies by manufacturer
Best Over All Hurricane Screen YES, Absolutely BEST hurricane protection Only you can answer this one