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We sell two types of hurricane protection products to meet your needs: one is a fabric screen that offers hurricane protection and daily comfort. It is controlled by pushing a button. The other is a woven stainless-steel screen that is permanently installed to provide hurricane and intruder protection. Both products carry the Miami-Dade NOA certification.



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Certified Lab Testing

  • Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens – Protecting Your World™
  • Our screens have been certified in a formal lab for a few months and then – REAL-WORLD TESTED for the last 10 YEARS: providing protection in 47 major storms: 17 tropical storms and 25 hurricanes, and 5 tornadoes resulting in ZERO (0) screen failures (fabric coming out of its tracks). When the screen comes out of its tracks, you lose ALL protection. No other screen company can make this claim.
  • Certified Miami-Dade Testing – NOA 23-1206.04
  • Tested and certified for 150 MPH and safety tested to 225 MPH
Certified Lab Testing

Real World Testing

This video was taken by our customer on the island of St Thomas during hurricane Irma. He told us that his home was in the hurricane’s eyewall for over 10 hours with wind speeds clocked at 220 mph. The Atlas Armor screens did not fail.

Real World Testing
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Why Choose Atlas Armor

Peace of Mind

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens are known for their high quality, high value and high security that are designed and built to last and provide exceptional hurricane protection

Certified Strong and Effective

Atlas Armor screens have been tested by Miami-Dade and carry both the NOA (Notice of Acceptance) and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) certifications. The certifications acknowledge the high quality and effectiveness of our hurricane screens

US Patented Features

Our screens are unique and have received 2 US Issued Patents.

One patent is for our weight bar with the self-adjusting bottom blade that conforms to uneven surfaces to keep bugs out when lowered while keeping the weight bar level at all times so that all weight bars are uniformly level at all times. The weight bar also carries more weight than other weight bars to assist in lowering the screen and the weights are arranged in a way that greatly stiffens the weight bar during high hurricane winds. The weight bar also uses end-retention end guides that guide and lock the weight bar to the sidetracks to further resist strong hurricane winds.

Our other US Patent is for our removable screen panel system that allow a person to quickly install the panel without ever requiring tools of loose fastening components such as wingnuts. After the sidetracks are installed, the system allows the homeowner to install the screen panels from either the outside or inside (such as the 2nd floor) of the building without ever needing to get onto a ladder.

Our ideas are often copied, but never equaled or bettered.

Made In America

All of our metals and fabric sub-components are produced in the USA. All manufacturing of our screens happens in Delray Beach, Florida, just 3miles from the Atlantic coast and in the middle of hurricane country. Because of our 10-Full-Year warranty and where we are located, we designed and build our screens to outlive our warranty in a very sunny, tropical, salt-water environment

10 - Years of Real - World Testing and ZERO Failures

It’s one thing to be certified to be strong and another to live and survive in the real-world where anything can happen for extended lengths of time.

Certification testing involves new screens and strict static procedures with scripted force levels, number of repetitions, and selected force directions. If a sample fails, a new screen sample can be substituted for the next retest until the tested sample passes. When all tests have been successfully completed, the system is certified as “Passed”. It’s not a perfect way of testing, but it weeds out a lot of inferior products.

Real World testing is totally non-scripted. There are no sample substitutions. No, “do overs”. A failed screen results in building damage. Every storm is completely random in nature. And all storms test the same installed screen until that screen fails which, in our case is now over 10 years. Our screens have never failed in past 10-years, so we really don’t know how long beyond 10 years they can hold up.

During our past 10-years, we have been tested by 47 Major Storms including:17 Tropical Storms (39-74 mph winds),25 Hurricanes (75-200+ mph winds), and 5 (EF0, EF1 and EF2) Tornados (65–135 mph winds). RESULTING IN ZERO (0) STORM PROTECTION FAILURES.

No other company can honestly make that claim.

BEST Warranty and Customer Care

Atlas Armor prides itself on taking care of their customers. Our written warranty covers: the following items that are unique to Atlas Armor. No other manufacturer has this type of warranty coverage.

FREE fabric repair or replacements if the fabric is wind damaged

FREE fabric replacements if the fabric is damaged by mold, mildew, rot, sun’s UV rays, or air pollution,

FREE fabric replacements if the fabric should ever blow out of the side-tracks or bottom weight bar or top take up reel, or if the horizontal seam ever splits,

The warranty is TRANSFERRABLE, so the warranty stays with the screens for a full 10-years and not just the original owner. This increases the value of your home if you should ever resell.

Because our screens have never failed, we have saved 100% of our customers thousands of damage repair dollars. Our screens have more than paid for themselves over the years.

Year Round 24/7 Comfort

Hurricane don’t happen every day, so when they are not protecting you from a storm, our screens are providing daily comfort protection against insects (as small as no-see-ums), sun’s radiant heat (it’s a solar screen), normal weather protection (wind and rain), and it’s also a privacy screen. Comfort, just by pushing a button on your handheld control.

Almost Instant Delivery

Once you order has been received, your custom screens will be ready to ship to your dealer in just 4-6 weeks (or less). It’s not very unusual to have them ready to ship in only several weeks. But remember that local permitting will add time to the installation process, so order as soon as possible.

Product Design

Our primary design point for our Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens is to remain firmly in the side-tracks, weight bar and take up reel (to provide maximum protection) during any type of storm including a Category 5 hurricane winds.

We never cared much about how high or how wide our screens had to be, nor did we care about how small the top hood needed to be. Those design items are only cosmetic and do not add to the protection of your property. We only cared about protecting the opening against Category 5 storms.

Our secondary goal was to provide year-long, 24/7 COMFORT, QUALITY and VALUE. To that end, our screens provide ordinary weather, insect, solar heat, and UV-ray protection. We also provide daytime privacy.

Printable Screens

Be creative, we can print on your screens. If you have a business or just want to decorate your outdoor screens, just send us a high-definition photograph or an image and any text and we will design and print a high quality, full color image onto your roll down or fixed panel screen. After the screen has been printed, the image will only be on one side, it will not show through to the other side. You will still see through the screen as if it were not printed. This is very similar to the advertising that you see on bus windows.

This is a great idea for your advertising your business windows. During the day it will continue to act as a solar shield, but it will now additionally advertise your business.

Some folks were living in a restricted community that only allowed their garage doors to be open for a maximum of 10- minutes at a time. They took a photo of their closed garage door and had it printed on the screen. With the screen down, they could enjoy working in the garage with their garage door up and still comply with the community rules.

Below is an example of an 8’x8’ white screen that we used for the Disaster EXPO held in Miami in March of 2024. The back side remained white. The screen can be any color.

Atlas Armor Wins 2nd Place Award at the Disasters EXPO USA International Product Show

On March 6 & 7 of 2024, Atlas Armor presented their hurricane screens to the attendees of the International Disaster EXPO USA. This was NOT a home show, it was an event that was designed for First Response teams (medical, police, fire, armed services, federal) from the city, county, state, national and international levels. The show covered all types of major disaster relief equipment and products. The disasters included hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

All products were judged by a team of 5 FEMA representatives.

There were 3 award categories. We were chosen as one of 3 finalists for the “Life Saving Solution of the Year” award.

We didn’t take first place, won by Sustainable H2O Technologies, however Atlas Armor did take 2nd place out of the 300 different products that were presented.

Congratulations to the entire Atlas Armor team for a great show and an even better product, the Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen.

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Atlas Armor Hurricane Fabric Protection

Hurricane Fabric Roll Down

To meet the environmental demands, our screens have been built using non-rusting components such as fabric, stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, and high-strength plastic used for our guides. Our fabric consists of a material that is woven out of two very strong yarns: polyester and Aramid (aka Kevlar). The roll down screens can be controlled by means of pushing a button on a handheld control similar to a TV remote control.

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Hurricane Removable Fabric Panel

Removable fabric panels are exactly what they sound like: Hurricane Fabric Panels that can be manually installed and removed as required. During the installation, sidetracks are anchored to your home around an opening such as a doorway or window. The openings are relatively small compared to opening that are secured by using roll down screens. The removable panels are inserted into the sidetracks and held in place by means of two stainless steel pins that are tethered to the screen panel.

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Hurricane Fixed Fabric Panel

In this example, we attached our screens for a steel framed walkway extending from a non-rated production facility to a rated hurricane shelter. All of the screens on the top of the screened area are held in place using a sidetrack on all 4-sides. The screen panels on the sides were attached with 3-sided sidetracks. Also, notice that the screens on the enclosed steps were secured using tracks on all four sides in a parallelogram shape.

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Hurricane Screen Doors

This woven stainless-steel door carries the NOA 21-0914.06 and comes in two sizes: 40” Wx80” H and 40” Wx97” H. When the door is locked using the tamper-resistant lock it activates 3 “pelican” latches which extend from the door into the door’s frame: 1 latch is located at the top, 1 in the middle, and 1 at the bottom of the screen door. This is the same door that is used on hurricane and security product. But, because the hurricane screen can be cut with a knife, this configuration does not have a security rating. You will notice that there is also a stainless-steel transom (panel) above the door to fill in the gap between the door and the soffit.

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Hurricane & Security Protection

Security Doors

This the same door as described in the hurricane section. However, when NOT used with a fabric screen, either by itself or with security panels, this door becomes a hurricane and security door. It carries the NOA 21-0914.06 and comes in two sizes: 40” Wx80” H and 40” Wx97” H.

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Security Windows

This window looks like an ordinary window screen, but it is made out of woven stainless steel and carries the Miami-Dade NOA certification. It is used for BOTH hurricane and intruder security. The window screen comes in several configurations, as a fixed screen or as a hinged screen that is normally locked but has an inside, panic bar for a quick escape. Building codes require a quick escape ability from all bedrooms. Window screen also provide protection against insects, hurricanes and intruder protection.

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Security Panels

These panels look like an ordinary insect screen, but they are made out of woven stainless steel and carries the Miami-Dade NOA certification. The purpose of the panels is to secure either a fixed window or to enclose large areas, such as a porch. They can be combined with the security doors for access. They provide protection against insects, hurricanes and intruders.

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Commercial Security

Using the combination of security doors and security panels, these panels can construct large, free standing structures that can protect roof-top air conditioners, hospital medical gases, parking ramps enclosures, internal drug store pharmacy or high-value product secured areas, etc. The panels can also be used to create a roof on the structure. These panels provide both hurricane and security protection

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