If you are within one mile of salt water, you should hose down your screens at least once every two weeks to prevent salt build up. Otherwise, hose down your screens once every 6 months. A good rule of thumb is to clean your screens whenever your windows need cleaning. A good cleaning solution is 3 gallons of water, 3 good squirts of a mild detergent (Dawn) and a cup of household bleach. Applied with a soft sponge NOT A BRUSH (try a car sponge that has terry-cloth on one side) or sprayed on by a hose attachment. The screens are tough, but they do need to be cleaned to get maximum wear. Hose all of the cleaning solution off. Leave in the down position until dry. Without cleaning, your screens will darken over time because of the dirt and mold in the air. A cleaning will bring your screen back to factory fresh color.

If your screens are around a cooking area such as an outdoor kitchen or BBQ, the cooking smoke or cooking vapors/steam will be full of grease or other organic food related particles which will cause mold growth on your screens. The growth is not harmful to the screens, but should be cleaned off to preserve the screen's appearance and to keep the screen's holes from closing which in turn will reduce air flow.

The side tracks also need to be lubricated with "Dry Lube". Dry Lube comes in a spray can and is found at most hardware stores such as Lowes. DONOT use WD40 or any other type of silicon lubricant. Be sure to shake the can for several minutes before spraying in order to mix the can's contents. With the screen fully raised, spray Dry Lube into the side tracks. If you spray too much, a white "puddle" will form at the bottom of the track which can be removed with a paper towel. This should be done every time the screens are cleaned or as often as required.

Our Limited 10-year limited replacement Warranty

 Fabric manufacturer replacement warranty

Our A lot of screens don't come with any warranty at all. While some screen manufacturers may offer a 10 year warranty, look at what their warranty actually says. Generally around the second sentence of the warranty they will tell your that the warranty DOES NOT cover the mesh screening.

Really? A screen warranty that doesn't cover the actual screening material? That doesn't sound like a SCREEN warranty to me.

Other 5 or 10-year warranties are prorated meaning that each year or every 2 years the screen warranty is worth less than the previous year until the value goes to zero. In this case, when you try to use this warranty, you have to purchase a new screen (at the current cost) and then the warranty's current dollar value is subtracted from the new purchase price. Then the screen's warranty is typically terminated which leaves you with a new screen, but without any warranty at all. So in 5 or 10 years, you have paid double for your screen.

Atlas Armor's Residential 10 year replacement warranty reflects our confidence in our screens and commitment to produce the absolute best product on the market.

Atlas Armor hurricane screens use the Twitchell OmegaTex fabric. Our 10 year warranty is further backed by Twitchell (screen manufacturer) as shown in the warranty below. Atlas Armor also extends the replacement warranty to cover our motors for 5 years  and hand held controls (one time 1 year). If you specify either Gaposa or Somfy motors instead of ours, you will receive a 4 year warranty on the motor.

Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens are warranted against any screen damaging effects due to exposure to sunlight, rot, mildew, and air pollution that ordinarily would damage other screens. By replacement, we mean that we will (at no additional charge) replace the actual screening material for FREE to your dealer. We feel that you should only have to pay once for our screens. This warranty does not include any additional fees that may be charged by your local authorized retail dealer (i..e. shipping & labor).

Atlas Armor hurricane screen 

10-Year limited Replacement and TRANSFERABLE Warranty

The registered residential screen owner will receive:

1) Atlas Armor 10-Year Limited Screen Warranty. This warranty policy covers any screen damage that might be caused by exposure to the sun's rays, air pollution, rot, mildew and mold.

2) Our standard motors carry a 5-Year Limited Warranty replacement, or if you choose an optional Gaposa or SOMFY motor, they carry a 4-year Limited Warranty (subject to the Gaposa or SOMFY terms and conditions). 

3) Remote, hand held controls have a 1-Year Limited Warranty. This is a one time warranty.

4) Our warranties are transferable to a new owner. The new owner just needs to register with us to receive the BALANCE or the warranty.

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