Note that the * on the "Burst" tests indicate that the fabric exceeded the measurable limits of the test machines.

Twitchell Omega Tex fabric profile

Atlas Armor hurricane Screen - Specifications

MIAMI-DADE NOA 19-0415.03

Miami-Dade  NOA Product Test results

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens have been tested and approved for permitting in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) (aka Miami Dade and Broward Florida counties) using the following test criteria. This also means that it can be permitted and installed anywhere in Florida. 

- Florida Building Code 2010,

- TAS 201, TAS 202 (structural wind load only), TAS 203

- ASTM D635-06, ASTM D1929-96, ASTM G155

The Twitchell Omega Tex fabric was tested, passed/exceeded and approved using the following test criteria:

​- D3776-96, D5034-95, D5035-95, D1117-97, D3884-92, G53-96, D3787, D3786, D4833

  Note 1: the burst tests (D3787, D3786) results exceeded the testing ability of the tester (see below)

- Note 2: the weathering test (G53-96) put the screen under conditions that simulated 10 years of continuous outside Florida usage resulted in only a slight discoloration and no appreciable loss of strength to resist hurricane conditions.

Metal Component Finish

All external metal components are protected with a baked on powder coating. Four colors: White, Ivory, Beige and Bronze

Side Tracks, Side Track Cover, Roller Tube, 

Side tracks, side track snap on covers and roller tubes consist of one piece extrusions (6063-T6 aluminum)


​Our unique weight bar resists side flexing and has an adjustable blade that automatically compensates for uneven floor surfaces. This weight bar can automatically adjust to sloped floors, and can be installed to follow the contours of the floor bumps, valleys and sloped sides.

Atlas Armor hurricane screen Woven Fabric

Atlas Armor hurricane screens uses the Twitchell OmegaTex woven screen made of Polyester and Polyester coated Aramid. The following are the actual Twitchell test results for the OmegaTex screening. Aramid is more commonly known by the trademarked name Kevlar. 

Net overall, this is an extremely strong and stable screening system. Compare these results to other hurricane fabrics and you will find that in strength tests this product is 3 times stronger and unlike other fabric products. This product was designed to be used in full sunlight. Polypropylene and Polyurethane fabrics are subject to extreme UV damage (cracking, hardening, shrinking) and must rely on UV inhibitors that ware off over time. Polyester it is very stable and is NOT affected by the sun's UV rays. By 3rd party certified testing facilities results, Omega Tex is stronger than any Polyester fabric screen. In some tests up to 3 times stronger than Polyester fabric.