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To survive a hurricane or other significant storm, you should have the standard fare on hand, such as bottled water, candles, batteries, and non-perishable meals.

It’s also possible to compile a big “do not” list. Florida today spoke with emergency preparedness officials and combed through precautionary measures.

You, your loved ones, and emergency personnel will all appreciate the peace of mind provided by this list of dos and don’ts by Atlas Armor.

Deployed resources are monitoring the storm and are ready to send out temporary life-supporting equipment and services in response during the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from the start of June to the end of November.

Here are some things you should avoid doing in a hurricane:

1. Stop Driving

There is only a 6-inch threshold at which water levels are high enough to float an automobile, so be prepared for the possibility of sudden flash flooding. Sometimes it’s hard to see because of the weather.

2. Don’t Go Outside

Don’t go outside until absolutely necessary. Injuries from falling objects and severe weather, such as lightning, are prevalent. Please hold off until the all-clear has been given.

3. Don’t Underestimate Storm’s Eye During Hurricane Prep

Third, stay indoors and don’t forget about the calm before the storm. A hurricane’s eye can be any size, and the storm on the opposite face of the eye wall can be just as severe.

4. Avoid Loitering by Windows and use Hurricane Screen Fabric

To avoid being seen, do not hang around uncovered glass surfaces such as doors, skylights, and windows when you’re indoors. Look for a small, enclosed area, such a basement bathroom or storage closet.

5. Avoid Light Candles

Don’t use candles if the power goes out. Keep batteries and flashlights on available to cut down on fire hazards.

6. Don’t Use Electrical Equipment

Avoid using any electrical appliances because of the risk of lightning strikes during a hurricane. Stay away from the phone, internet, and bath/shower until the storm passes.

7. Switch off major appliances

Turn off the air conditioner and a water heater in the event of a power loss to prevent any more harm to the home. The power should be turned off at the main breaker if you encounter flooding.

8. Don’t Use a Generator Inside

Make sure any open doors or windows are closed when using a generator outside, and never use one indoors. Carbon monoxide can build up inside a home from a running generator, which is toxic to humans and animals. Because of the same reason, you shouldn’t use charcoal barbecues or propane camp burners.

9. Don’t Touch Hanging Wires

Stay away from downed or low-hanging cables and any trees or other things (such metal barriers) that are in proximity with transmission lines.

10. Don’t Panic During Hurricane Preparation

The safety of yourself and those around you depends on your ability to maintain composure and make sound decisions under pressure. We recommend using the best quality hurricane screens as it is the matter of your life.



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