Zero Storm Failures I Transferable 10 Years Warranty I Free Wind Damaged Screen Replacements I 4 week Screen Delivery to Dealer

Key Features of our Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen Warranty

Your hurricane screen acts as a sacrificial barrier to prevent damage to you and your home, but in doing so, it may be damaged during the protection process. Your screen motors, being mechanical, may also have problems. Our warranty assists you in correcting problems that we can control.

  1. To start your 10-year warranty you must first register within 90 days of your screen installation. If you do not register within the 90 days, the warranty will be considered terminated.
  2. Your warranty is transferable, but each new owner must register with Atlas Armor to receive the use of the un-used portion of the original warranty. There is no charge for registration. This feature is unique to Atlas Armor. No other manufacturer offers this transfer clause.
  3. During your 10-year warranty time period,
    1. Atlas Armor will either repair minor damage or replace your fabric screen for FREE if your screen is:
      • Atmospherically damaged by: mold, mildew, rot, UV light, or air pollution
      • Wind damaged. For example: comes out of the side tracks, comes out of the bottom weight bar, comes out of the top take-up reel, or on tall openings, splits the horizontal seam. Damage by wind only is also called Manufacturer Design Defects (MDD).

Note: This again is unique to Atlas Armor and is a huge savings to you because other manufacturers will charge thousands of dollars per screen to replace their fabric panels. We can afford to offer this coverage because our screens have NEVER failed. But, if they should fail, we will replace your screen fabric for FREE.

  1. Motors will be replaced once for FREE based upon motor type: Somfy – within 4 years, Gaposa – within 4 years, Dooya (aka LT) within 5 years. Void if motor fails because of water damage, electrical surge, brown outs, or direct electrical shorts.

Warranty does not cover any damage due to neglect, chemicals, vandalism, abrasion, installation problems, non-typical installation, mis-use, excessive heat, animals/insects/birds/fish, un-authorized modifications, electrical problems, acts of God, or any type of accident. In short, any damage caused from something beyond our control or beyond the original purpose of the product.

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