Zero Storm Failures I Transferable 10 Years Warranty I Free Wind Damaged Screen Replacements I 4 week Screen Delivery to Dealer

Atlas Armor, Inc. was incorporated in 2012 by Ken Zubay to manufacture hurricane protection. Ken’s background is 30 years at IBM working in software/design/development/strategy/planning. I hold several worldwide patents in computer hardware security. You can’t sign onto your computer without going through my patent. (then I retired), then 7 years as a VP, Board Member, and COO for a small cellular phone company where we built cellular phone rental vending machines (I retired again), and then 7 years as an owner of a stock brokerage company (yep, again I retired), followed by 5 more years of manufacturing and retail sales of aluminum hurricane products before starting Atlas Armor. What can I tell you, I’m a Type-A person who loves a challenge.

Lance Spruill (VP of Operations) was recruited as Atlas Armor’s first employee. Lance was recruited because of his 31 years of extensive customer service & operational skills gained through building a worldwide, major hotel brand and AT&T management. He knows Customer Service.

You can see that our company’s foundation has been built on both product design and customer service.

In 2013, the Atlas Armor hurricane screen received its first Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). Atlas Armor has built and installed thousands of hurricane screens, all around Florida, Bermuda, Cabo Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean islands through our factory-trained dealer network.

We are proud of the fact that since 2013, our screens have NEVER FAILED to protect their openings. As of 2023, that is 10 years with ZERO failures. No other company can make that claim.

People, such as yourself who are looking for hurricane protection, choose Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens. We provide real protection, we don’t just fake it.

Some of our unique attributes are:

1) We have the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). Miami is located in the heart of the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) and was the first to adopt strict building rules to protect against hurricane damage. The NOA label found on a product is recognized as the gold seal of approval, by which architects, builders, and insurance companies recognize premier quality building products. Atlas Armor proudly carries that NOA seal of approval.

2) Our unique limited warranty is second to none.

– We offer a 10-year limited warranty with FREE screen replacement, that covers the screen from any sun damage (UV rays), mold, mildew, rot, or air pollution. Our screens always remain soft and flexible and can be cleaned by just using a soft sponge with some soapy water+bleach. Our screens do not stiffen, shrink, crack, shred, or come apart. They are guaranteed to be in condition to protect your home from hurricanes for at least 10 years even if you leave them fully exposed to sunlight for the entire 10 years.

– We also feature a 10-year transferable clause that increases the value of your home because if you sell your home, your buyer can continue to use the remaining time on our warranty without any additional cost.

– We also feature a Manufacturer Design Defect (MDD) clause which states that if your screen should, at any time, come out of the side tracks, the bottom weight bar, or the top take-up real, or if the screen’s seam should split, we will repair or replace that screen for FREE.

After hurricane IAN hit Florida in 2022, thousands of screens failed by coming out of their tracks, and weight bar and top take-up reels, and many seams split leaving the opening unprotected. The screens came apart because they all had basic DESIGN DEFECTS. And sadly, the homeowners and insurance companies paid the same manufacturers AGAIN (like an annuity) to replace the ill-designed screen back into their tracks.

100% of those failed screens WERE NOT made by Atlas Armor. We went through the same storm with totally different results. We stand behind our screens, and so should YOU.

3) We are the only company that makes their screen out of one piece of material (2 pieces if the height of the opening exceeds 10 feet). That ensures that 100% of the Omegatex hurricane fabric, polyester, and Aramid (aka Kevlar) strength, extends from side to side and top to bottom.

4) Our screen system is covered by 5 US Patents (2 issued and 3 pending). One of our issued patents covers our weight bar that self-adjusts to a sloped floor and features a bend-resistant design. Another issued patent is for a fast and safe method of securing your home with fabric panels on your windows, on any floor level. In fact, you can even install our panels on the second or third floor from inside the home and never need a ladder, tools, or loose fasteners. Your feet never leave the floor.

5) We designed and built our screen for one purpose: to keep you safe from hurricanes. But they are also a COMFORT screen: when not providing hurricane protection, they can be used every day for insect control (as small as no-see-ums), solar damage from UV rays, solar heat, and normal weather (wind and rain) and they even offer privacy during the day. A breeze and light easily pass through the screens and summer’s heat escapes through the top of the screen as the cooler air comes through the bottom. It’s comfort, it’s magic.

6) Atlas Armor screens come as remote-controlled roll-downs, manually operated roll-downs, fixed panels, and removable panel screens.

Our motto says it all:   “Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens — Protecting Your World” tm


Q What is the phone number for ATLAS ARMOR?

A The phone number for ATLAS ARMOR is: (561) 206-0813.

Q Where is ATLAS ARMOR located?

A ATLAS ARMOR is located at 430 South Congress Avenue, Suite 3, Delray Beach, Florida 33445

Q What is the internet address for ATLAS ARMOR?

A The website (URL) for ATLAS ARMOR is:

Q How big is ATLAS ARMOR?

A ATLAS ARMOR employs approximately 20+ people.

Q Is there a key contact at ATLAS ARMOR?

A You can contact Lance Spruill at (561) 206-0813.

Q What days are ATLAS ARMOR open?

A ATLAS ARMOR is open:
Thursday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Q How is ATLAS ARMOR rated?

A ATLAS ARMOR has a 5.0 Star Rating from 4 reviewers.

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