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Atlas Armor - Install Options

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Atlas Armor also offers a fixed version that is permanent (it doesn't move up and down) and we offer temporary screen panels that looks like the permanent screens but the panels can be inserted into side tracks only when needed. Here is an example of a 4-sided fixed screen:


Fabric Colors

The screens come in three colors (Black, Black and Tan, White and Tan and Beige).

Black is the easiest to see through (it almost disappears) because the surrounding light is not reflected back to your eye. All colors offer a degree of privacy during the daytime.


You have several color options to choose from. The metal comes in four colors (White, Ivory, Beige and Bronze). We can also custom powder coat in any color.

Our roll down fabric, Atlas Armor hurricane screens can be mounted so that they are fully or partially exposed or they can be mounted within the ceiling, columns and walls so that they are fully enclosed. Here are some examples: