A few sun screen color choices

  White No-Seeums           Black No-seeums             Black Insect       

Atlas Armor hurricane screen - OPTIONS (Continued)

we also provide SC TECH brand

sun and insect screens

 These are non-hurricane specialty screens specifically used for either sun or insect protection. They are made out of Polyester, come in many colors and carry a 10 year warranty. The screens can be added to existing buildings or they can be built into new or re-modeled construction. You have several control choices: hand held remote control, wall switch or home automation control, and control by using a manual crank.

The screens carry the SC Tech brand name and can be used by themselves or combined with the Atlas Armor hurricane screens on the same opening where more air flow is desired and also hurricane protection. Only one screen is used at a time.

The following photos shows just a few samples of our insect (white & black no-see-um, black insect) on top and the sun screens on the bottom. The main difference between an insect screen and a sun screen is the size of the holes. Insect screens have large holes while the sun screens have much smaller holes. Smaller holes provides more sun protection.​​ Another difference is that sun screens come in many colors and patterns while insect screens only come in black and white.

CONTROLLING  - Atlas Armor hurricane screens

If you can push a button, you can control our screens. All of our screens can be controlled by using a hand held push button controller, or they can be linked to a wall switch or your home automation system or they can be hand cranked. We offer several types of remote control motors and several motor brands including Somfy.

As an option, all motorized screens can also have a hand crank option for usage in the case of a power failure.

The hand held push button control can control any number of screens at the same time, or it can be configured to control each individual screen independent from the others. We have 1 channel, 5 channel, 9 channel and 15 channel controls. Each channel can be set up to control an individual screen, or a channel can be programmed to control multiple screens.

For example: if you have 3 screens and you want to control each one individually and you also want to have them all go up and down by pressing a single button, you would choose a 5 channel remote control. Of the 5 channels, 3 channels would be dedicated to each of the 3 screens and another channel would control all screens together.

Atlas Armor Hurricane Screens can also be added to and run from your Home Automation system. We support most home automation systems. This give you the ability to run your TV, home lighting and our screens from a central console. 

No electrical outlets, no problem. We also support using just a hand crank for non-powered locations.

Insect and sun screens MUST be rolled up during a hurricane or winds above 20 mph. Like our hurricane screens, these screens come with a self-leveling weight bar combined with anti-bow weight bar technology. The side tracks are adjustable and can be either surface mounted or imbedded into the opening's side walls. The maximum width is 28 feet.