Become an Atlas Armor 

Hurricane Screen retail Dealer

We welcome inquires into becoming an Atlas Armor hurricane screen retail dealer. Please contact us with the geographic area that you would be interested in serving. We are always looking for established, well managed, distribution partners. Outside of Florida? No problem, we ship to any state or country. Although there are no certified tornado protective products outside of a "hole in the ground", we offer Atlas Armor hurricane strength protection against flying debris.

REAL LIFE TEST:  Below is the result of an F2 tornado after it hit a Florida home where our hurricane screens were installed. The roof was partially torn off, the windows were blown but lucky for the home owners, they were on their patio looking through our screens when the tornado struck. Our hurricane screens held fast and true while the pool cage was literally torn apart into sharp and twisted pieces of metal before their eyes.

When it was all over, there was no resulting damage to either the home owners or to our screens. Our Atlas Armor hurricane screens did their job and they remain 100% ready for any future protection. This was repeated several times again during hurricane IRMA with the same results: our Atlas Armor screens held fast and did not suffer any damage even with the pool cage aluminum structure beating against our screens.