Atlas Armor - Miami-Dade Approved fabric roll down Hurricane Protection manufactured by

atlas armor (NOA 19-0415.03)

The ONLY roll down fabric that is certified and can be used 24/7 in Miami-Dade and Broward counties for  hurricane protection.

And, it can also be used everyday of the year for insect, sun, weather and comfort control.

We are here for you.

We have installed hundreds of fabric roll down screens, many have been concealed in walls, in soffits and in columns of all descriptions (round, square, brick, wood and stone clad). We have attached our screens to red iron, wood, aluminum, poured concrete and CBS. We have installed screens as a retro-fit and as new construction. We have controlled our screens using manual cranks, hand held remote controls, and various home automation systems. 

Contact us with your questions.  (561) 206-0813

Based upon our past experience, we will assist you any way that we can.

Do you have questions about: soffit access panels, electrical placement, edge distance, anchoring, clearances, built in screens? We can help.

Atlas Armor - Architects 

Architects using the Atlas Armor screens will appreciate the overall qualities of our roll down hurricane fabric screens. Architects find the versatility of using the same screen to provide shade for comfort, insect control, protection against everyday wind and rain and even as a certified hurricane screen, to be a powerful design element.